J u l i e (ジュリ) -Julie Watai

"Julie’s model engages the camera and the viewer, thus,
bringing the viewer into the picture.
Julie accepts the objectification of the gaming girls in order to
present them on her own terms.
Playing the games places the gaming girls in control Power rests
in whomever gets to play the game."

Timothy R. Gleason, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Journalism
University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
"The Fictional Japanese Photography of Mariko Mori and Julie"

"Very interesting photography book from Japan featuring the work of
"manga photographer" Julie.
The images are an exploration into the world of Japanese youth whose
lives are absorbed in videogames, anime
and pop culture. Many of the pictures feature scantily-clad models dressed as
fetishsized anime characters.
The line between realism and hyper-realism is blurred and really goes to show
the impact that pop imagery has and how it is projected into our identity."



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